Join me for 3 powerful days to talk all about Alignment & Bringing alignment to every area of our lives. 

Some of what we cover: 

Day 1. Tapping Back in to who you Are: Lets break down the buzz words, merge science & spirituality and talk about alignment from an energetic perspective

>>> Understanding how Energetic Vibrations work in our real life

Day  2. Busting through Upper Limits & energetic blocks 

>>> Understanding Beliefs in our field that stop us manifesting & the top three upper limits that stop you receiving

>>> Understanding what Resistance truly is and how it takes us out of our power

Day 3.  Connecting with Soul Guidance

What is soul nourishment and why is it important

>>> Why we get stuck & block Guidance, What to do about it & how to move back into alignment with soul

Plus some fun potent soul work as always :)  Sign up below and Join me in our Community to answer all your Questions!

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